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Tips to Be a Good Pet Neighbor

Tips to Be a Good Pet Neighbor

Pets are great but it's important to be a good pet neighbor.  Common courtesy and being a good pet parent can go a long way to making happy neighbors.  Here are some tips to being a good pet neighbor.



Are your dogs trained? I have seen some very untrained dogs being walked by people who think it's cute when they misbehave.  They don't try to correct them.  Or, they will say, s/he always does that.    Any dog can have bad behavior, but it's our job as a responsible pet parent to try and correct the behavior.  It takes time and effort, but will be worth it in the end.



Not everyone believes in vaccinating their pets, but in Florida a rabies vaccination is required.  This is a personal one to me, as I was bitten by a neighbor's dog a few years ago whose rabies vaccination was overdue.  It's a long story and you can read it here

But bottom line, is if you are in Palm Beach County, Florida, your must vaccinate your pet for rabies.


Tags & Microchip


It's a great idea to have your animals tagged.  I recently brought a dog home who had run off from a nearby home.  I was able to do so because of the tag.  Microchip is equally important.  Heaven forbid, your pet runs off, you want someone to be able to identify them and bring them home to you.   Your pet can easily be scanned for a chip.


Local Law


Know your local laws.  For example, in Palm Beach County we have leash laws.  This is important to know.  If you're not familiar with Palm Beach County's leash law, click that link.


Pick up the Poop

Carry bags and pick up the poop.  No one wants to step in poop.  Even dog lovers!  As a responsible pet owner, it's your job to pick up the poop and dispose of it properly.  Gotta do it!


Nuisance Noise


No one wants to hear nonstop barking.  It can really drive you crazy.  Cats are pretty quiet compared with their canine counterparts.  If your dog is outside barking incessantly, be respectful of your neighbors and take them inside.  

People are entitled to their peace and quiet at home.  Your neighbors will thank you.




If you live in a home with a fenced yard, check that your fence is intact.  You don't want Fido escaping or who knows what showing up in your yard either.  


Final Thoughts

Being a responsible pet owner is really common sense and thoughtfulness.  You wouldn't want to step in poop, so it makes sense to pick it up.  You wouldn't want to hear a dog barking nonstop for long periods, so it makes sense to take them inside.  

Good neighbors make for peaceful living.  It's great to have pets, but even better to be a good pet neighbor.


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