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One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary


pet friendly condos in boca raton flThis week marks the one year anniversary that we lost our dear Buttons.  Buttons was 14 and quite ill.  The following week, Corrie came to  live with and saved all of us.



I think of that quote, when a door closes a window opens.  Corrie was that window.  She was almost 9 years old when she came. She came here from a dear friend of mine in Texas.  She flew under the seat, on a plane, with a woman who brought her to Fort Lauderdale Airport.  We picked her up at the airport.




pet friendly condos in delray beach fl 33483At first, Corrie was quiet and timid.  That lasted about 5 minutes until she realized we were nice, we had toys, food and treats! 



Gracie was so lonely for the companionship she had had with Buttons for 11 years, that she took to Corrie.  Before Corrie came, we took Gracie everywhere with us, but she wasn't happy.  She needed another dog.   They're like potato chips - sometimes you can't have just one.


In the year Corrie has been here, I heard only one snap, and that was when she first arrived.  



Corrie filled a void in Richard's and my life, as well.  We grieved Buttons terribly, and Corrie was a ray of sunshine.  She is very much like Buttons, in many ways.  In fact, I've called her Buttons many times, which is really unfair to her.  So, I've made a concerted effort to call her by her own name, because she is her own dog and a wonderful one at that.



And it is all thanks to my friend, Marichin, who made this possible.  



dog friendly condos in boca raton fl 33432Corrie sleeps on our heads, loves to go for walks and has made friends in the neighborhood.  She knows when it's time to eat, sleep and she is just a joy.  If her dinner is not ready fast enough, she will go back and play until I'm ready.  Then she checks me 5 minutes later. 



Corrie will be 10 soon, which is hard to believe if you would see her play.  




She has only one bad habit.  She destroys toys, so we've switched to bully sticks.  A much better choice, I might add, as she finds the seams on the toys and leaves the insides everywhere.  I was afraid she would swallow the squeaker!



Thank you Marichin for this wonderful addition to our family.  She was a princess when she came; now she's a queen!


That's why I love helping other people with pets find dog-friendly condos in Boca Raton FL.

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One Year Anniversary
One Year Anniversary This week marks the one year anniversary that we lost our dear Buttons Buttons was 14 and quite ill. The following week, Corrie came to live with and saved all of us. I think of that quote, when a door closes a window… more
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