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Does 3 lbs of Dog Really Matter in Boynton Beach FL?

Does 3 lbs of Dog Really Matter in Boynton Beach FL?

I had buyers who flew down to buy a home for sale in Boynton Beach FL  After looking at several homes, they found one they loved.   We went back to see it twice and asked all the relevant questions. Because the listing said "Pet Restrictions,,"  the Buyers mentioned to the sellers' agent that they had a Wheaten Terrier.  The sellers' agent said, that was fine.  

We made an offer on the house which was accepted.  A  first deposit was put down and the house went under contract.  The buyers asked me if I would attend the home inspection, for them as they lived out of townIf all went well, their second deposit would follow.  

At the inspection, the sellers' agent gave me the HOA documents which I FedEx'd to the buyers.  Upon their arrival, the buyer called in a panic.  He said, "The docs say one pet maximum 25 lbs.  My dog weighs 28 to 30 lbs.  What should I do?  Put him on a diet?"



After we laughed about it, I started to make calls.  First call was to the sellers' agent who said, "I don't know.  Call the management company."  The management company said, "I don't know.  Only the Association President can make that decision and she's out of town until Monday."  We went around in circles and got nowhere.   Here we are in a down market - the sellers want to sell and the buyers want to buy.  And, I can't get a straight answer as to whether or not they will accept 3 lbs of dog?  Are you kidding?  Something is clearly wrong with this picture!

 I talked to the  buyers over the weekend.  They were very nervous about being accepted in the community.  My concern was that, even if they were accepted for the extra 3 lbs of dog, they might still have problems if they ended up with a picky neighbor who decided the dog was too large and complained to the association.  This was a problem they didn't need.DogDog

By Monday when the Association President got around to calling, she said they would consider the dog if my Buyers sent a photo and his veterinary records documenting his weight immediately.  The Buyer went to the moon when he heard this.  He had had all weekend to be on edge.   He simply said, "Is she nuts?  I am in the middle of New York City working.  She wants me to drop everything, go home and take the dog to the vet?  Cancel the contract!"  I promised to find him a better house.  He told me his wife would cook my goose if I didn't. 

So we canceled the contract and I started to look for homes for them.  He told me when I had five houses to show, he would fly down.   I sent him one house that he hemmed and hawed about because it had a pool.  They didn't want a pool.  I said to him, You don't have to buy the house, but you are going to see this home for sale in Boynton Beach FL anyway.  If you don't like it, we'll leave.  It was a fabulous house - had an extra bedroom, a 40 foot pool, full house generator, fully upgraded and it was a situation.  And, when I asked about the pet restrictions, the answer from the association was, "Is it smaller than an elephant?"


The buyer walked in and immediately fell in love with the house.  (It was a fabulous house!)  From the living room he called his wife and said, "We're buying this house."  

DogThey've been here six months and love the house!  They say they owe it all to Chelsea (their dog) and me.   


Be careful when shopping for pet-friendly homes in Boynton Beach FL.   For more information on pet-friendly housing in Boca Raton or to find out more about the Boca Raton Real Estate Market, please contact me.I am a Boca Raton Real Estate Agent. I can be reached at (561) 716-7824, by text or by email at  


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Does 3 lbs of Dog Really Matter in Boynton Beach FL?
Does 3 lbs of Dog Really Matter in Boynton Beach FL? I had buyers who flew down to buy a home for sale in Boynton Beach FL After looking at several homes, they found one they loved. We went back to see it twice and asked all the… more